What Are the Most Common Exhaust System Problems

The overall performance and health of your vehicle are dependent on the integrity of your car's exhaust system. The exhaust system comprises numerous parts that work together harmoniously, and failure in any of those parts result in system failure.

Below are some of the most common exhaust system problems:

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

Most modern vehicles have numerous oxygen sensors—a malfunction in one is enough to confuse your car's system. If any of your vehicle's oxygen sensors fail, the engine's computer cannot create a perfectly balanced air-fuel mixture for combustion. This condition results in a fuel mixture high on gas and low on air, a hotter than required blend, or it can lead to a clog in the catalytic converter, causing further damage to your exhaust system and vehicle.


Rust is the worst enemy to the exhaust system. If you take several short trips, your system may be more susceptible to rust as water vapor collects in your exhaust system but does not become hot enough to burn off. This condensation makes the metallic surface rust and corrodes your exhaust when the car stops.

Exhaust Leaks

Unsurfaced roads or tracks can be tricky to handle for most vehicles. The holes, bumps and shaking that occurs when driving in these conditions may shorten the life of your exhaust system as they can make weak areas such as joints crack, leaking poisonous fumes to the passenger cabin.


If your exhaust system has issues, your car starts shaking as you drive, posing threats to both the car, pedestrians, and passengers' health.

Broken Hangers

Hangers protect the exhaust system from banging when you hit bumps. If a hanger breaks, exhaust pipes become insecure as they are now free to move around. This movement may make them dent or crack. In severe cases, the entire pieces of the exhaust system may break off.

Getting Started

The exhaust system is as essential as any other system in your vehicle; hence it needs care. If you experience any of the problems above, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Custom Wrenches Inc today.