Signs Your Serpentine Belt is Failing

Commonly known as the drive belt, it connects the idler, tensioner, and pulleys in the auxiliary drive belt system of an automobile engine to provide power. In addition to powering the cooling system's water pump, it also powers the air conditioner, alternator, and power steering. If the serpentine belt isn't working correctly, the engine may not be able to start at all!

There are a number of warning signals that the serpentine belt is about to fail or has been damaged:

Squealing noise

Strange sounds coming from your engine is one of the most obvious signals that your car needs to be taken to the shop. Squealing or screaming sounds from the serpentine belt should not be ignored. While not all belt sounds indicate that your drive belt needs to be replaced, it is a solid sign. Water on the belt or an oil leak are two more possible causes of the squeaking sound.

Visible signs of wear

If your drive belt is located in an easily accessible area, take a few minutes to examine it. Get a new belt as soon as you see that it's beginning to wear out. However, the more bits that are missing from a drive belt, the more probable it is that the belt will fail. Rot and huge fractures are two more telltale symptoms that a belt needs to be replaced. A re-adjustment may be all that's required if the belt seems to be wearing evenly.

Air condition not working

Serpentine belt failure may also cause the air conditioner to malfunction. A serpentine belt drives the air conditioner compressor specifically. You will no longer be able to feel cold air flowing out of your car's air vents if the serpentine belt controlling the air conditioner compressor breaks.

Heavy steering

The power steering pump, like the alternator and air conditioner compressor, is powered by a serpentine belt. If your car's serpentine belt breaks, you'll be unable to steer easily. Keeping your vehicle in its lane becomes more challenging if you can't turn hard enough to avoid swerving out of your lane.

Dead Battery

Serpentine belt failure may be to blame if your battery keeps dying. Your car's battery will not be recharged if your alternator that is powered by a serpentine belt and that belt breaks. However, you'll need to replace the serpentine belt if your battery and alternator are still in excellent condition. Without it, the alternator would not be able to recharge the battery while you are driving.

Engine overheating

If the serpentine belt fails, your engine may overheat. Having your engine evaluated by a service center is essential since an overheated engine may cause engine damage or even a complete failure.

The bottom line

Early detection of problems is essential for road safety. Maintain the required preventive maintenance schedule. If you need serpentine belt repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle into Custom Wrenches today!