Signs That Indicate Your Brakes Need Service

Your automobile's brakes are essential for your and your passenger's safety while driving. Effective brakes are needed to slow or stop your car on time. You definitely don't want to be in a situation where your brakes stop working, which is why drivers need to pay attention to their brake performance.

We often get from customers: how do you know if you need brake service? First, you can look in your vehicle's owner's manual. You can find at what intervals your brakes need to be serviced. Another way to tell is by checking your brake performance. Usually, brakes will give off audible or visible signs that they need service.

Here are several warning symptoms that indicate you have bad brakes:

  • You hear squealing or grinding noises when applying your brakes
  • Your vehicle veers to one side when you brake
  • You feel the brake pedal vibrating as you press your foot down
  • The brake pedal feels very soft or spongy 
  • The brake pedal goes to the floor
  • Changes in your usual stopping distance

The issues mentioned above are all signs that your vehicle needs brake service. You can always turn to the brake experts at Custom Wrenches for help with your brake needs. We offer the following services:

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake rotor resurfacing
  • Brake fluid flushes
  • Fluid line repairs
  • Brake bleeding
  • and more. 

Our team will know precisely what to look for and recommend the best repairs to get you back on the road safely. We will also help you stay on top of your vehicle maintenance, so you don't have to encounter any surprises behind the wheel.


If you require brake service in Greenville, IL, we welcome you to bring your car to Custom Wrenches.