Should I Replace My Headlights in Pairs?

When you bring your vehicle in for a headlight bulb replacement, your best bet is to get them both done at the same time. It's standard practice, like changing all your tires at once. Even though one is already out, the other one will probably soon follow. Here are some of the benefits of getting them both done at the same time:

Life Expectancy

Most headlamps, specifically if they're the same model, should last you around the same time. If one of your bulbs is burnt out, the other will die around the same time. Therefore, replacing headlights in pairs makes it easier to keep track of their life expectancy. It'll make things easier so that you don't have to make two trips to get them done.

Even Visibility

Some lights naturally dim down over time before dying off altogether. Replacing one would make the visibility uneven. If you replace both headlights, the strength of the beams will be balanced. It will give you a full range of light to see oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, and other objects on the road.


Repairing them in pairs just makes things easier for both you and us. Headlamps are fairly easy and quick to install, so it shouldn't be a problem for any of our technicians. Once we check the automaker's specifications for your headlights, we'll gladly install it right away so that you can be on your way to brighter driving.


Headlamp Installations in Greenville, IL

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