How Important Are Your Vehicle's Belts?

Your vehicle is comprised of over 30,000 parts. Many of them need regular maintenance, especially the parts made of rubber, such as your belts. Both the timing belt and the serpentine belt play a significant role in your vehicle's performance.


Serpentine Belt

Serpentine belts are responsible for the functionality of the power steering pumps, cooling fans, injector pumps, A/C, and a variety of other functions in your vehicle. They are the superman of belts because they can do it all!

The serpentine belt wraps around and through several different components in your vehicle. It is made of tough rubber with a smooth side and a rough side. If this belt breaks, you will definitely be alarmed by a squealing noise. A broken serpentine belt may also put you at risk of engine overheating and complete failure of power steering functions.


Timing Belt

The timing belt wraps and connects the upper engine to the lower engine. They are also known as camshaft belts because the timing belt makes sure the camshaft opens and closes the engine valves at the right time. The ridges on the belt are perfectly indented to control the timing of the process. A bad timing belt can let the valves stay open and be struck by the pistons, which can cause irreversible damage. As a result, you should change the timing belt at the first sign of wear. The warning signs of a bad timing belt include engine misfires, leaking oil, trouble starting the engine, and an obnoxious ticking noise.


As you can tell, these belts are very critical to the operation of your vehicle. If you want to keep your belts in good condition, we recommend giving them regular checks for cracks and wear. You can also go through your owner's manual for estimated intervals for belt replacements. For all your automotive needs, including belt replacements, please give Custom Wrenches Inc. a call or visit today!