8 Things That Can Hurt Your Gas Mileage

While gas mileage naturally (and slowly) decreases over the vehicle's life, it should not be significant. If you've noticed your gas mileage getting worse, you should consider getting it checked out. While it may be bad habits, it can also be due to vehicle problems. Read on to learn ten mechanical car problems that can decrease fuel economy.

  1. Clogged Fuel Injectors - This is one of the most popular reasons for an increase in a vehicle's fuel consumption. Fuel injectors supply the engine with an appropriate amount of fuel, and it can inefficiently spray if it gets clogged.
  2. Dirty Engine Air Filter - If your engine air filter is filthy or blocked, your engine won't be able to get the "fresh air" it needs. Therefore, it will end up straining itself and consuming more gas.
  3. Worn Fuel Filter - Fuel filters are in charge of blocking out contaminants in the gas that could harm the engine. A plugged fuel filter can decrease fuel pressure and cause your engine to run inefficiently. 
  4. Dirty Engine Oil - The best thing you can do for car engines nowadays is to keep them properly lubricated. The best thing you can do to maintain your motor is by performing on-time oil changes with the type of oil set by your manufacturer in your car manual. 
  5. Damaged Ignition System Components - Essential items like coils, spark plugs, and wires are liable for enabling the engine to go through the combustion process. If any of these components stop working, it may cause misfiring and a drop in MPG.
  6. Old Piston Rings - The piston rings in your cylinders create a seal against the cylinder walls. When piston rings get old, they cannot generate that seal, making the motor loses pressure. As a result, your fuel efficiency may be negatively impacted.
  7. Underinflated Tires - Underinflated tires are a popular reason for a drop in MPG for many cars. They increase your vehicle's rolling resistance with the road. Please be sure to properly monitor your tires regularly so that you can readjust if needed.
  8. Malfunctioning Sensor - A malfunctioning oxygen filter or mass airflow sensor can also be the culprit behind your decrease in gas mileage.

If you have concerns about your automobile's gas mileage and want a fuel economy test, we welcome you to Custom Wrenches today!