10 Steps on How to Winterize Your Vehicle


Winter is coming, and November is the perfect time to winterize your vehicles before the hectic holidays. What does "winterizing" mean exactly? Well - if you keep up with regular maintenance, there is not much for you to do. Winterizing is just a simple term that means a comprehensive yet detailed vehicle inspection that should take place before the cold settles in to avoid more significant issues. Here is a list of ten items that Greenville, IL residents should take care of before the harsh winter!

  1. Battery – It should be tested (for a reasonable charge) and replaced if necessary.
  2. Fluids – Inspect and top off all your essential fluids, especially your windshield washer fluid. Try out winter-proof washer fluid if you worry that it will freeze.
  3. Wipers – Check the blades for tears and cracks. Ineffective blades will cause streaking and reduce your overall ability to see. 👎
  4. Heating and Air Conditioning – Heat is an obvious winter must, but the HVAC system is vital for the defrosters to work well.
  5. Lights – Please do a 360-walk-around to ensure all your vehicle lights are operational and lit.
  6. Tires – Make sure to inspect and test your tread, just in case you need new tires. If you live in a place that snows frequently, you may also consider getting winter tires.
  7. Tire Pressure – Your tires' air pressure changes when the temperature drops, so please ensure it is adjusted to meet the cold IL temps.
  8. Engine Oil – Your engine oil should be clean and viscous. Please examine its levels using the dipstick.
  9. Hoses & Belts – These sensitive components should be free of cracks and noticeable wear and tear.
  10. Brakes - If your brakes need new pads, shoes, or rotors, please have them done before the winter so you can adequately stop in inclement conditions.

Other Items to Consider:

  • Put together an emergency safety kit in the back of your truck or car. Make sure you include winter-appropriate items such as a blanket, flashlight, water bottles, gloves, hat, scarf, snacks, and some kitty litter (more on that another time).
  • Clean and prep your floor mats. 

Please bring your vehicle to Custom Wrenches Inc today for an easy and reliable winter inspection or tune-up! Our certified techs will do all the necessary checks mentioned above and make repairs to have your car healthy for the winter season. Feel free to give us a call at (618) 690-9369or visit our shop if you have any questions.