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5 star rating
Jeff from Greenville, IL on 12/1/2018 and their testimonial is:
"Good work Great customer service"
5 star rating
Jerry P. from Greenville, IL on 11/21/2018 and their testimonial is:
"They actually fixed it."
5 star rating
Chuck from Greenville, IL on 10/18/2018 and their testimonial is:
"Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional service"
5 star rating
Lisette E. from SHOBONIER, IL on 10/17/2018 and their testimonial is:
"Excellent work! The folks at Custom Wrenches are capable and willing to do the homework and research for more efficient, reliable repairs, even on my 80s Mercedes. I trust them with both my daily driver and my classic car."
5 star rating
Danielle G. from SWANWICK, IL on 10/15/2018 and their testimonial is:
"I wracked my car while in Greenville I live over an hour away and it was getting close to where everything was going to be closing. Custom Wrenches allowed me to use one of there cars so I could get home for the night. If it hadn't been for them I would have been stuck in Greenville for the night. I thankful for all they did for me in the short amount of time that I had."
5 star rating
Bryan D. from FILLMORE, IL on 10/9/2018 and their testimonial is:
"This company has always treated me right. I like how they inspect my vehicle and give me the report of what they find. Friendly bunch of guys."
5 star rating
Bethany F. from POCAHONTAS, IL on 9/23/2018 and their testimonial is:
"Service here is great. Fast, professional, and friendly. I will not hesitate to bring my vehicle back for any future repairs or maintenance. From having a simple loaner vehicle to text alerts and updates, and available financing they outrank other mechanics in town."
5 star rating
Michael T. from GREENVILLE, IL on 9/13/2018 and their testimonial is:
"Great service"
3 star rating
Dennis L. from GREENVILLE, IL on 8/18/2018 and their testimonial is:
"Good place to go."
5 star rating
Jen M. from Greenville, IL on 8/16/2018 and their testimonial is:
"Quick and accommodating, friendly, thorough, and always quality work. Offer services you don’t get other places."
5 star rating
Emily D. from GREENVILLE, IL on 1/17/2018 and their testimonial is:
"I would recommend them to anyone! They always take the time to explain every step, I am very thankful for them."
5 star rating
Sarah B. from GREENVILLE, IL on 1/9/2018 and their testimonial is:
"Great work and awesome customer service! Highly recommend!"
5 star rating
Adam from Greenville, IL on 1/3/2018 and their testimonial is:
"They're by far the best shop I've dealt with in town"
5 star rating
Sharon M H. from GREENVILLE, IL on 11/16/2017 and their testimonial is:
"It's great ... so far :}"